Being able to offer our customers tires for their vehicle was a nice added bonus to our business. We will not sell you expensive road side warranties your tires come with a manufacture warranty and your tire can be prorated at a lower cost for you if you have a manufacture defect. It always makes sense for the customer to know what kind of tire to look for your vehicle. The place to look for that information would be in your owners manual. Once you know what size of tire you need then knowing the kind of tread would be the next thing for you to research. We will offer you any advice you want to know about tire tread and handling on your vehicle.

Tires, like the rest of your car, wear with time. The treads on a tire gradually wear away after prolonged use and begin to expose tread wear bars, this tires popping. You can easily track when a tire needs to be replaced by the total number of miles you’ve driven with them in place. A typical tire can last anywhere from 50,000 to more than 70,000 miles. It’s important to find a quality tire guaranteed to last or at least have a decent warranty where replacements can be obtained for little-to-no cost

Included in a servicing of your tires the mechanics will check the pressure in all your vehicles tires. It is very important to maintain the correct pressure for wear and handling. The proper alignment is also necessary to get the best life out of your tire. Rotation and the correct balance of your tires also keep your vehicle handling the way it is meant to handle and keeps a even wear.